Christina – bio

...the things we fear are as real as... (c) 2005, Christina Frederick Gasperi

…the things we fear are as real as… (c) 2005, Christina Frederick Gasperi

Christina Frederick Gasperi is a mixed media and multimedia artist who farms sheep and organic produce on an historic cattle ranch in the Caribbean. Her work is introspective and personal, with figurative but metaphorical imagery. Objects and figures portrayed are fetish-like or iconic, and have symbolic power for the artist. Her surfaces tend to be textured in paint and glazes with graphite drawings layered within.

Christina grew up in the optimistic pop culture of the 70s and 80s near the beach in Long Island NY, where she showed great interest in the natural world and talent in the visual and performing arts from an early age. She sold her first painting at age 16. She went on to study filmmaking at the University at Buffalo, transferring to the Communication Design program at The New School’s Parsons School of Design (where she met her husband, St. Croix artist and farmer Luca Gasperi). Christina worked for over a decade as an art director and freelance creative professional in NYC and Amsterdam. On moving to St. Croix in 2001, Christina became involved in the family’s cattle operation and also began to work in digital video, to write for local media about the arts, and participate in group exhibitions.

In 2008 Christina and Luca were blessed with the birth of a healthy and very creative daughter.

Plans for upcoming exhibitions and video works include documenting people and agriculture on St. Croix, exploring themes of process and production, knowledge mapping and knowledge legacies.

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