Luca – bio

Luca Gasperi, born and raised on a cattle ranch on St. Croix’s south shore, is a vegetable farmer as well as an established local artist, with formal training and experience in graphic design, and 10 years as a successful farming entrepreneur at Estate Southgate Farms before starting his own farm. Luca has shown his artwork […]

Marina Gasperi: Solo Exhibition 2021

Marina Gasperi, daughter of Christina Frederick Gasperi and Luca Gasperi, is opening her first solo exhibition titled “Small Life” at Café Christine in Christiansted, USVI on November 18th. Her work will display through December 26th, 2021. Her works reflect a range of emotion and experience: a childhood of quiet, careful observation mixed with whimsy, elements […]


(c)2002 Luca Gasperi. Cement, sand, stone, acrylic

Piazza del Duomo

Watercolor,  30″ x 22 1/4″. Piazza del Duomo juxtaposes Italy and St. Croix.


For his solo show Late Afternoons, Luca created a series of cast pieces of plaster, cement and natural found objects known as the “Historical Documents”. Visually they are a melding of Danish ballast brick, monolith, and childhood beach creation melded into a new and foreign language. So much to say.

Jojo Plum

Acrylic, watercolor on Arches cold press paper. 12 1/4″ x 9″. A Jojo Plum tree in the dry season, in the cattle pastures on St. Croix’s south shore.

White Horse Reef

28 3/4″ x 21 1/4″, watercolor on Arches paper. A snapper floats mysteriously above a seascape.

Christina – bio

Christina Frederick Gasperi is a mixed media and multimedia artist who farms sheep and organic produce on an historic cattle ranch in the Caribbean. Her work is introspective and personal, with figurative but metaphorical imagery. Objects and figures portrayed are fetish-like or iconic, and have symbolic power for the artist. Her surfaces tend to be […]

2 Relics

This is a relatively large surrealist acrylic on panel, 42″ x 36″. An island child in bare feet and a mature conch shell are presented like artifacts in a box. Luca featured this painting at his massive solo exhibition, Late Afternoons, at Walsh Metal Works Gallery in 2002.

Spiny Crops

This was the poster image from Luca’s Three Trees show at Walsh Metal Works in 2005. The beautiful relationship between a lobster shell and a pineapple plant becomes obvious once you’ve had a farm tour at ARTfarm and spent a few minutes by the compost pile. They have a lot more in common than you’d […]